Cisco ACI – Attachable Access Entity Profile

In this article I will go through the steps to follow to create an AEP that will allow you to integrate a VMM domain using VMware vCenter.

Within Cisco ACI we are able to connect to external virtual and physical domains by using Attachable Access Entity Profiles, or AEPs. AEPs are configured from on the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller, the controller that handles the ACI fabric configuration and pushes policies. Attachment points for AEPs can be ports, port-channels, and VPCs. This is also where we can provide interface policies for VMware vCenter distributed virtual switch, or DVS. AEPs also provision VLAN pools on leaf switches within the ACI fabric. VLAN pools may not be enabled without having been provisioned from an AEP. As stated from the information section within the APIC, “an AEP represents a group of external entities with similar infrastructure policy requirements.” Figure 1 shows logically how AEPs configured. In essence, if you’re planning on attaching either virtual or physical integration with your end point devices, you will likely need to configure an AEP.

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