ACI 101 – Fabric Discovery

First of all, I’d like to tell you about this new project I’m working on at Cisco which I’m calling ACI 101. Basically I, with the help of some of my colleagues, will be releasing a video every Monday (#ACIMonday). Some videos will be overviews of a certain topic within ACI, most will be straight up demos! For the first few weeks I’ll be releasing the overviews (meaning slides) but we have to start somewhere. I promise I have some awesome video demos lines up, though. Best thing is, everything is only about 5 minutes! Forget brownbagging your lunch, it won’t even take up the full time of downing your morning Mountain Dew, coffee, or [insert caffeine substitute here]. Follow the YouTube channel to see the videos every week.

Our first video starts with the beginning…a good place to start. I’ll be talking about the automatic fabric discovery process. This is a pretty neat way to login to our Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and literally detect and create the fabric of Nexus 9000 series switches which will make up our spine and leaf tiers. Every ACI fabric is made up of a spine/leaf topology which is very beneficial to current networks with mostly East/West traffic (hint – that’s most of our networks these days).

Please enjoy the video and leave comments on the YouTube page or rate it, etc., etc. And remember to check back every Monday for the next videos! I’ve got quite a few already in the queue.