Solving a problem with BitLocker Encryption

Last year I began my search for an encryption solution for end-user computers.  I did some research on several different well-known solutions and ended up picking Mobile Armor’s Data Armor (now owned by Trend Micro).  My thinking was that Trend Micro’s Anti-Virus solution integrates well with VMware, so if we changed to Trend Micro AV and used Trend Micro for encryption, we would have a more centralized administration console…eventually.  I did a lot of testing and rolled it out to some other folks in our IT department and we didn’t notice any issues.  However, after a few months, we started getting complaints about a fairly consistent “stutter” from several different users.  After some extensive testing with support techs from Trend Micro, we were able to conclude that the issue was with their encryption software.  It most likely had something to do with our use of SSDs and their software.  They told me that they wouldn’t guarantee the issue would be fixed anytime soon, so I set out to find a new solution and decided on BitLocker which is integrated in Windows 7 (Enterprise and up, note…BitLocker does not work with Windows 7 Professional).

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