VMworld 2014 – Opening Keynote

Ch-ch-ch-changes – the theme of the VMworld keynote on Monday, August 25th 2014. Robin Matlock, CMO at VMware, opened the keynote as she did the year before. While I think it’s terrific VMware has a woman open the conference, it would be nice if she could be somewhat technical. She made pithy comments such as “change can either be a barrier or an opportunity” and mentioned SDDC, but there was absolutely no technical information for the entire 15 minutes she was speaking. She did mention a pretty cool program they are doing with paper airplanes, however. The idea is to build a paper airplane and fly it. Depending on precision and performance, VMware will donate to any one of five charities (involving children, education, environment, Human Rights, and women and girls). A great idea in my opinion.

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