Where to go for Cisco ACI Information

One question I always get asked is how can people learn more about Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. In this blog I’m going to list some of the best resources to learn about and get your hands on ACI. To begin with, let’s talk about labs. There are several labs available currently for partners on Cisco dCloud that will let you play with the Cisco APIC, set up ACI, and even integrate it with other third party solutions. Soon customer facing labs will be available.


Fundamentals of Using Cisco ACI



Troubleshooting Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Operating Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure



Lauren Malhoit’s Ongoing Cisco ACI Blog Series found on Virtualizationadmin.com:

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Overview

Cisco ACI APIC – User Authentication and RBAC

Cisco ACI – Creating Basic Network Constructs

Cisco ACI – Configuring VMware Integration on the APIC

Cisco ACI – Cisco Application Virtual Switch

Cisco ACI – Setting Up Your First APIC

Cisco ACI – Trouble Communicating with Nexus 7000

Cisco ACI – Unable to Ping the Default Gateway in a Bridge Domain

Can’t Connect to vCenter from ACI APIC

Cisco ACI – Attachable Access Entity Profile

Creating VLAN Pools and Layer 2 Bridges in Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco ACI Programmability

Adding Physical Servers to Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI – Creating Contracts

Layer 2 External Access in Cisco ACI

Creating Layer 3 Outside Acces in Cisco ACI

Intro to Security with Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI – Creating an Application Network Profile with the Basic GUI


Adam Raffe has a nice series on his site as well.

Learning ACI

From Colin Lynch – @UCSGuru

Video – UCS Integration with Cisco ACI


Tech Field Day Videos:

Cisco ACI at Networking Field Day 8

Cisco ACI at Networking Field Day 9


YouTube Videos:

Cisco ACI Packet Walk with Lilian Quan

Cisco ACI Overview with Joe Onisick

Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Overview with Lilian Quan

Application Centric Infrastructure – VxLAN

ACI and OpenStack Integration vBrownBag Tech talk

ACI Programmability


TechWise TV:

Inside Application Centric Infrastructure

Inside Cisco ACI’s Controller: The APIC



GitHub DataCenter Repo for Nexus 9000 and ACI

Developer’s Community (Ansible, Python, PowerShell, etc, etc)


Engineers Unplugged:

S5|Ep1: Role and Policy Based Control

S5|Ep2: ACI and Traditional Networking

S5|Ep9: Why ACI?


Cisco Champion Radio:


ACI with @Malhoit

Securing ACI


You can always go to the Cisco website to find white papers and other documentation about Cisco ACI as well! I’ll continue to keep this blog updated as new resources come out.